Article written by Glennis Taylor - Tesla Tech

Centurion EZY: Tesla Tech!

              By Glennis Taylor


            As we navigate the ever-new avenues and quantum leaps in technology, there are some that stand out and hold their own, having maintained their momentum with time.

             I am intrigued by the Tesla technology. The brilliant inventor and research physicist named Nikola Tesla introduced to the world a wireless technology that has been adapted for a wide variety of applications that we use almost without a second thought today. He developed the alternating current (AC) that is still the platform for today's electrical inventions. He worked for Thomas Edison before venturing out on his own to use his genius in the revolutionary world of electricity. In about 1891 Tesla invented the Tesla coil, which is a high voltage transformer that is still the standard for pulsing magnetic fields.

       This Tesla technology, used in many ways in the marketplace already, is only now coming to a broader, mainstream awareness.  And that’s a great thing for all of us. The one I am most recently familiar with and excited about is the Canadian based Centurion EZY System by the Centurion Medical Corporation. The EZY System is a piece of equipment that uses Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy (PMFT). Many years of research and development have gone into this system of physical therapy that aids in the acceleration of healing. It has been used in hospital settings, clinics, and various professional practices for many years. The recent demand for a lightweight home use system has resulted in the development of the very popular EZY System found in many households today. Weighing only about 6 pounds, it is ideal for use in home settings and is so easy and efficient while resting or even watching TV.

        What can this technology do for us and how does it accelerate the healing process? Through the basic principles of electromagnetism: an electrical current is passed through a conductor resulting in a magnetic field that can be manipulated by adjusting the amount of current and the frequency (pulses per second) of that current which is directed to the Tesla coil at the heart of this intriguing machine. This creates a pulsing action that turns the magnetic field off and on. Research has identified the optimum ranges of frequencies and strength of current that result in the most healing PMF (pulsating magnetic field) therapy. Each magnetic pulse results in a very small electrical signal that stimulates cellular repair in injured tissue.

       Magnetic fields are not absorbed by the body, but pass right through it. They permeate the cells within the range of the field. The many types of cells in the human body are reliant on electrical energy to perform their many functions. The metabolic activity of each cell requires an ion exchange to take place to maintain life within the cell. The heart is the organ that we are most familiar with that depends on electrical activity. We monitor the sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium levels in the body to check the balance of these minerals that are necessary for the heart to beat. The PMFT helps to restore electrical balance to the cellular structures and body systems. It seems to open cell membrane channels that enhance healthy cell function.

      This system can be utilized for both acute and chronic situations. Many users find relief from arthritic conditions. Pain, swelling and inflammation are reduced. Circulation increases thus bringing healing nutrients to the affected areas. Bone healing time is often considerably reduced with the regular use of the EZY System. Doctors have seen amazing positive results on bone fractures that were not meshing. This is in part due to the increased blood flow over the bone and resulting cellular stimulation and repair. Soft tissue injuries are responsive to magnetic field therapy. It can also increase the metabolic rate and allow for better absorption of nutrients from food and supplements. Many find it relaxing and sleep quality improved.  Naturally other applications are being looked at and studied as well. It helps to rebalance the body and allows for better detoxification. Other applications are being looked at and studied as well.

      York Central Hospital in Richmond, Ontario, ran a study to compare the Centurion Magnetotherapy equipment in patient recovery of foot and ankle injuries with conventional treatments.  The study showed favourable results in the magnetic therapy group for both pain and edema.

      Wayne Kraushar from Centurion Systems has encouraged people to take advantage of the very reasonable three-month rental program available to try out the EZY System and see the results for themselves before purchasing the equipment. Wayne offers a wealth of knowledge on the use of the system and shared some his experiences with me as we chatted about the equipment. He once took the system to the palace of Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines and treated Marcos himself for a few weeks. The EZY system is now found worldwide in the offices of many practitioners of different healing modalities.

       He also explained that the four settings on the EZY system are used for different applications on the personal use model. Wayne advises the use of lower settings that deal with inflammation first and then going to the higher settings gradually to resolve other health issues. Along with the EZY System home use model, there are other types of equipment available that can be used in conjunction with the system. This technology of Centurion's is also used extensively with animals by vets and animal lovers. One of the 

animal devices is the Centurion Therapulse PEMF Blanket that can be draped over the back of horses for its restoring effect.

        As with most healing modalities, the effect is increased if incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. Centurion also advocates a multi faceted approach to health and sees their technology as an important part of the overall scheme to optimize health.

         I have tried the EZY System and immediately noted the relaxing effect. I look forward to further sessions and feeling further healing effects of this tried and true technology.

         Our charming New Agora Editor in Chief, Fredalupe, has been using the EZY System for several months now and is all smiles when I see him. He finds the sessions relaxing and is sleeping much better these days, as well as having noted quite a lot of improvement in some thorny (i.e. painful) issues he was experiencing previously.  He is personally sold on the System.  He mentioned to me that both he and Lorenzo, our publisher, were literally excited off their seats after having tried out the Centurion for the first time during Wayne Kraushar’s demo of this Tesla based technology.  There’s definitely an energizing effect, both reported.  And it looks so futuristic!

          I am all for finding ways to augment our health, and to do it in such a simple and effective way is the future.  That we can all benefit from such a wondrous invention from such a wondrous inventor does NikolaTesla justice.