Fiona O'Hara - Owner of A Healthier U - with over 10 years experience.     Hypervibe Trainer/ Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach/Canadian Dealer for Lipo Light & Hypervibe Affiliate

I have combined nutritional coaching, fitness & technology to transform you into a New Healthier U! 


With the proven combination of real food, sound nutritional concepts and FDA cleared technology, we’re here to help you to a brighter future. 

You choose your plan!

1. Weight loss coaching

a) One-on-one nutritional counselling 

b) Distance Coaching / Online

2. Hypervibe Training Session 

a) 15 min HIIT Class

b) Active Aging- Increase Bone Density

c) Weight loss & Cellulite Reduction

3. Body Sculpting Treatments

a) Lipo Light LED 16 paddle Unit. 20 min treatment plus 10min Hypervibe session

Your choice to talk to our team about your weight loss, fitness goals and fat reduction concerns is an important one that we take to heart and we want you to know that we are committed to helping you on your transformation journey! 

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