8 Body Sculpting Treatments

  • This 20 minute session uses the power of red light to sculpt the waist, hips, thighs, and arms

  • You can expect to lose in the region of 3-4 inches from around the targeted areas

Meal Plans + Recipes (Bi-Weekly)

  • Perfectly planned & delicious meals that will have you wanting more! With wholesome clean eating in mind your body will be fuelled with the energy and nutrients you need to achieve the results you want.

16 semi-private Vibe Training Sessions or classes.

  • Using the power of whole body vibration you will get the value of an hour workout in just 20 minutes! Perfect for all ages & fitness levels! Whole body vibration training will activate 100% of your muscles, boost circulation, drain the lymphatic system, and tone your entire body.

This program is perfect for those looking to lose 16lbs - 20lbs

The term ‘metabolism’ is being used a lot recently by the health and fitness industry. People are becoming increasingly aware that all their training and nutrition efforts which affect what is happening on the outside, may be having an effect on the inside too. Essentially, everything in our bodies make up the metabolism. So when we talk about metabolic repair, what we really mean is fixing our body as a whole unit.


Metabolic repair is the ‘cool’ name given to the mechanical term ‘nuroendocrineimmune dysfunction’. You will hear it being referred to as metabolic damage, starvation mode, weight loss resistance and even adrenal fatigue. In the health and fitness world, this metabolic imbalance is typically seen from the ‘eat less, exercise more’ people. A metabolic repair protocol is for those people who fall into this category. It is also for those who struggle with lack of motivation, low libido, overtraining, illness, or feel they have done everything ‘right’ but can no longer respond to diet and training in the same way.


The purpose of this program is to show you an alternative ‘diet’ to getting you in shape and healthy, and to provide you with the tools to successfully apply it.