Enhance your Training with PEMF

Article written by -Joanna Taylor


By using Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy or PEMF, fitness experts report a ten percent increase in your strength. Weight lifting and stomach exercises capabalities also experience similar progress. Tests have shown up to 20 percent increase in strength stamina in athletes within 30 days and it’s totally legal and healthy for you!

Worldover, Bio-hacking and fitness experts alike are introducing this PEMF therapy system in their inner circles for tremendous amount of training performance improvement in a short time. It is a lucrative secret currently. Getting benefits close to steroids, pretty much seals the deal.

The training performance enhancement happens real quick. Unlike steroids, fitness gurus report far greater lung capacity than ever before after utilizing the PEMF device. It also significantly improves sleep.

A 60 year old healthy sportsman reports, “It should pull you, just like it pulled me, into deep sleep almost immediately after I got it. I mean, I hardly ever dreamed. I was training like way more too. And that’s what my experience is very significant improvement sleep, significant overall biological age reversal effects have also been showing.”

The anti-aging effects happen due to 75 mature genes turning back to developing stage. These genes are responsible for ageing.

10 Hz PEMF studies show that exposure to such PEMF therapy also turns onabout 150 developmental genes, which cause the cells of the body go to a younger, healthier state.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has also known to have a positive effect on regenerating the optic nerve and regenerating nerves in general. Proper frequency and amplitude of PEMF ensure faster recovery from injuries, more effectively. Rapidly and effectively repair irreparable joint damage.

Train harder, reduce Injury, repair faster with pemf

Train harder, reduce Injury, repair faster with pemf