PEMF Therapy - Get the Facts

Whether you’re young or old, home user or professional, a health enthusiast trying to prevent disease, or someone trying to manage the symptoms of a chronic condition, PEMF is a profoundly beneficial therapy for all.

We have had the pleasure of introducing people to this technology and in the process doing thousands of sessions for all kinds of situations such as improving athletic performance and corporate wellness, or managing ailments such as, arthritis, Parkinson’s, cancer, sleep disorders, digestive disorders, auto-immune disease, post-operative recovery, anxiety, depression, and much more! This allows us to speak directly to people like you, combining empathy and experience to help guide you towards a better understanding of how PEMF therapy can personally benefit your unique situation.

What Should I Feel?

People experience any or all of these improvements after their first complete PEMF session: heightened mental alertness, more energy, less pain (regardless of where the pain originates), more focus, improved flexibility, elevated mood, increased motivation, better digestion and certainly much better sleep. Pay attention to your body before and after your session.

What are the contraindications?

Pregnancy: simply because there is no research conducted with PEMF and pregnant women, even so it would never hurt the unborn.

Epilepsy: people with epilepsy should only use PEMF under the supervision of a medical doctor.

Pacemaker: this applies to all pacemakers prior to 2005 (unipolar) anyone with a pacemaker after 2005 (those pacemakers are bi-polar) can safely use PEMF.

Electrical implants: any electrical implant that cannot be turned off during a PEMF session is a contraindication.

How often should I use PEMF?

Daily! It should become as important as brushing your teeth!! If you are using the system for pain & inflammation you can use it 3 x per day or every 6 hours. That is because the effects of optimized cell function lasts for about 6 hours during which time cells do not need to be optimized again.

Is PEMF covered by insurance?

That depends on your insurance company and your benefit package. It is worth checking with your insurance provider to see if it’s covered in part or whole. When you do check with your provider please be aware that there are some other *synonyms” used for PEMF, such as: Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF), Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT), Pulsed Magneto therapy, Magnetic Field Therapy, Magnetic Resonance Therapy, Bio electro magnetics

Is it safe for children?

Absolutely and they love it!

When will i notice a result?

That depends largely on your present health condition and symptoms. As mentioned before most people feel an improvement in many body functions after their first session. There is a rule of thumb: with acute conditions (recently acquired conditions) results will be experienced faster, while with chronic conditions it may take longer. For example: if you had back pain for 10 years it could take up to 10 months to reduce all pain and discomfort and that would be a very conservative but honest statement. However many users of have reduced or eliminated their pain and reversed their condition much sooner. The best part is that while you are using a PEMF system , you don’t have to wait to get better as while you are using it you will feel better one day at a time. It is important to mention that when using PEMF to achieve a desired outcome, ie: to fix a particular problem in the body such as migraines, digestion or insomnia for example, once your cell charge is raised and cell functions have been optimized, your body may use that energy to heal a preexisting condition you may not even know about. The condition you’re experiencing could just be a symptom of a larger condition that requires healing first. It also needs to be mentioned that results and relief also truly depends on how faithfully you use your PEMF system.

How does PEMF improve athletic performance?

PEMF technology is used by all levels of athletes from weekend warriors to Olympians, to maximize performance while at the same time reducing the risk of sports or training related injury. Here are a few of the things you can expect when using a personal PEMF system.

  • Highest possible performance, through activation of the cell metabolism.

  • Optimum preparation for training and competition, through energy conserving warm up.

  • Decreased risk for injuries, through improved blood circulation in the muscles.

  • Faster recovery after physical exertion by improving circulation the body is able to more efficiently expel lactic acid and waste build up in tissues.

  • Faster healing of sport related injuries.

  • Prevention of long-term injury effects.

What are the main benefits of PEMF therapy?

Improves recovery from physical exertion, strenuous activities and workouts, etc.

  • Balances the body’s acupuncture meridians in just a few minutes

  • Strengthens the immune system – gentle magnetic intensity does not over-stimulate the body

  • Improves wound healing – post-operative wound healing, better scar healing, from injuries, etc.

  • Positively affects pain reduction resulting from various causes – arthritis, back pain, bursitis, Fibromyalgia muscle stress, etc.

  • Normalizes action of the cellular electrical voltage potentials for healthier metabolism.

The following is a long list of health benefits from using PEMF technology organized in specific body systems:


  • Strengthens the overall cardiovascular system.

  • Improves blood circulation and microcirculation; reduces blood platelet adhesion (stickiness).

  • Positively influences disorders such as migraines and tinnitus.

  • Prevents Thrombosis (blood clots)

  • Regulates high and low blood pressure; stimulates natural release of Nitric Oxide to relax and expand blood vessels.

  • Improves blood vessels, improves the cholesterol level


  • Increases oxygen uptake and reduces respiratory problems and asthma attacks.


  • Enhances the healing of muscle injuries from strains, sprains, tendonitis, and bursitis

  • Osteoporosis – measurable increases in bone density after only six months of daily use

  • Arthritis – reduces pain and inflammation, improves circulation and oxygenation.


  • Enhances the healing of muscle injuries from strains, sprains, tendonitis, and bursitis

  • Positive effects on Fibromyalgia, relieves symptoms with continued use

  • Speeds post-operative healing of tissues, scars, etc.


  • Improves metabolism functions

  • Stimulates ATP production to provide more energy for the cells

  • Moves waste products and toxins out of the cells

  • Provides positive effects in: Elderly diabetic, Rheumatic disorders, Allergies, Menopausal complaints

  • Balances hormones


  • Reduces stress

  • Provides positive effects in: Nervousness, Burnout Syndrome, Sleeping Disorders


  • Increased antioxidant enzyme activity

  • Improved cellular proliferation

  • Fortified detoxification ability