Why we use Lipo Therapy! let me get scientific!!

LED Lipo Therapy is based on low level laser therapy research, which has been used for over 40 years to accelerate the body’s naturally occurring processes. Traditionally, low level laser therapy has been used for reducing pain and inflammation, promoting cellular activity and increasing cellular regeneration and blood flow. It is routinely used by athletes to reduce pain and inflammation and speed recovery after strenuous workouts.

Research on fat reduction began accidentally in 1998 when Dr. Neira, a Columbian Plastic Surgeon who now works in Alberta, discovered that low level laser therapy, over a specific time and wavelength, stimulates a temporary opening in the fat cell allowing the fatty contents to seep out into the body’s interstitial space. The lymphatic system then naturally and safely processes the fat, without discomfort or damage to the cell.  This Process is called Lipolysis.

Fat Controls the Brain!
First we have to understand that our fat is an endocrine organ with essential functions. Our fat
cells releases a multitude of hormones that affect our mood, hunger and myriad of bodily functions. A hormone called Leptin tells our brain that we are full. When our fat cells become enlarged the Leptin signal is constantly being sent and, like an overloaded breaker, our brain switches off and we never get the message to stop eating! On the other hand, healthy lean fat cells send the correct Leptin message and secrete a hormone called Adiponectin which assists the liver in processing or removing fat and toxins, our muscles utilize insulin and keep our blood sugar down. In other words lean fat cells keep us lean! Sucking out adipose tissue with liposuction or killing fat cells by freezing them certainly is not the answer. We need those cells for our body to function harmoniously! We use Lipo Therapy! The LED red light omitted causes our fat cells to release their fatty content for safe removal by the body’s lymphatic system. Now restored to their lean, healthy state our cells begin releasing the correct messages to your brain and, even more exciting, they begin a communication cascade throughout the fat organ causing other fat cells to release their fatty content and returning their hormone responses back to the positive!

When we combined this Therapy with a healthy eating plan & vibration training you will finally see results!